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Tianjin Nankai High School

  • Founded at: 1904
  • Campus: 60,289 square meters
  • Students: 2576 (as of 2014 May)
  • Intl’ Students: 70 (as of 2015 December)
  • Scholarship: 0

Tianjin Nankai High School Introduction


Tianjin Nankai High School, jointly founded by patriotic educationists Yan Xiu and Zhang Boling in 1904, was rated as a national key middle school by the Ministry of Education in 1978.

From bitter hardships in its early stages to great changes day by day in the years of reform and opening up, Tianjin Nankai High School has created an eventful history spanning over a century. Over 100 years, the school has cultivated a world of pillars and quality citizens for the Party and the country, represented by Premier Zhou Enlai and Premier Wen Jiabao.

The year 2010 witnessed reforms in educational management system and mechanism in the school, the establishment of the Tianjin Nankai High School Board and the adoption of the principal responsibility system under the leadership of the Board. Tianjin Nankai High School, both old and young, showcases a brand-new look to the world.

Tianjin Nankai High School covers an area of 115mu with a floor space of over 60,000 square meters. Its campus enjoys a combination of old and new buildings of primitive simplicity, vibrant with profound cultural foundation and a unique landscape.

The historic charm of Nankai hasn't faded with the passage of time. On the campus, like wise men having experienced vicissitudes, buildings have witnessed everything taken place here.

Modernized educational implementation is important to carry out education and instruction smoothly. The Party and the government have always attached importance to and offered support to the development of Tianjin Nankai High School. Due to support and help from the CPC Tianjin Municipal Committee, Tianjin Municipal People's Government, Tianjin Municipal Education Commission and Nankai District People's Government, the school has been improving its teaching conditions and its level of modernized education and instruction.

"Dedication, Love for Students, Devotion, Coordination" is the traditional teaching style of Tianjin Nankai High School. The school boasts of a group of well-educated teachers with a solid professional foundation and a spirit of coordination and devotion. More than half of the teachers have got graduate education, of which over 60 have obtained doctor's or master's degrees. Tianjin Nankai High School has implemented various policies to encourage teachers to be accomplished morally and professionally. In recent years, a number of young teachers have excelled themselves and become academic leaders. Teachers in the school set strict requirements on themselves with the Nankai spirit, to gain new insights through reviewing old materials, devote to learning knowledge and cultivate students. In so doing, they win recognition from students, their parents and the society.

Students are the main body of education and instruction at school.Tianjin Nankai High School has a fine tradition of fostering students for all-round development of moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetical and social education. Since the start of reform and opening up, under the guidance of the educational concept of "One Main Body Three Selves" and the educational mainline "Taking Zhou Enlai as Life Model", Nankai students are "self-directed, self-taught, self-governed" and have enriched their mind, enhanced their abilities and strengthened themselves by learning cultural knowledge, conducting after-class activities and carrying out various social practice activities. They are brimming with the spirit of Nankai and of the times.

Internationalization is the trend for the development of modern education. Attaching great importance to the internationalization of education, Tianjin Nankai High School has made great efforts to set up various platforms to help widen students' international horizon. The school is becoming more and more active in international exchanges. It has established friendly exchange relations with Marco Foscarini in Venice, Italy, Hwa Chong Institution inSingapore,St. Paul's Co-educational College inHong Kong,Chinaand other schools in 20-odd countries and regions.TianjinNankaiHigh Schoolhas become a bridge of learning and exchange for Sino-foreign basic education.

"Near theBohaiSea, along theBaiheRiver, the spirit of Nankai soars high."

A forever young, modernized and internationalizedTianjinNankaiHigh Schoolis embracing society and the great era.

The Nankai people are following Nankai course, promoting Nankai characters and carrying forward Nankai spirit to advance along with the times and accomplish new glories in the cause of educational and instructional reform!

Tianjin NankaiHigh School will have a brighter future!